Camas County Commissioners meeting

October 16, 2017


The meeting was called to order at 9:05 a.m. by Chairman Travis Kramer.  Also present were Commissioner Marshall Ralph, Commissioner Bill Davis, Clerk Korri Blodgett, and an individual from the public.  Prosecuting Attorney Matt Pember was not able to attend.

The Board reviewed the Agenda.  Commissioner Davis made a motion to approve the Agenda as posted.  Seconded by Commissioner Ralph.  Unanimous.

Commissioner Kramer updated the Board on a meeting he attended at West Magic.

Commissioner Ralph updated the Board on the FEMA meeting that he, Sheriff Sanders, and Road and Bridge Supervisor Mike Gill attended in Gooding last Thursday.

Commissioner Kramer made a motion to go into Executive session per Idaho Code 74-206(1)(f) to communicate with legal counsel regarding pending litigation.  A roll call vote showed all in favor.  The Board entered into Executive session at 9:35 a.m. and contacted legal counsel Matt Pember by phone.  The Board came out of Executive session at 10:06, after a roll call vote showed all in favor.

Sheriff Dave Sanders met with the Board to discuss the State of Idaho Hazard Mitigation program.

Terry Platts met with the Board to discuss a previous conversation in support of correcting the Forest Service Travel Plan mapping error regarding Bear Creek Road.

The Board met with the county EMT John Pine and Lesia Knowlton, to discuss trainings, meetings, minutes, ect.  They discussed the different trainings that were available and the previous discussions on the positions and responsibilities. It was agreed that the Bylaws spelled out many responsibilities and that they were all working towards better communication and shared responsibilities.  Lesia did share concerns on maintenance of the ambulance and making sure that proper annual EMS Licenses were addressed.  It was shared that it was the Presidents’ responsibility in the past to ensure that these matters were taken care of.  Commissioner Kramer will contact Laira Thomas to get some clarification on her role with the county now that she is no longer working in Camas County.

The Board reviewed the additional claims as provided.  Commissioner Davis made a motion to approve the claims.  Seconded by Commissioner Ralph. Unanimous

Commissioner Ralph made a motion to authorize signature on a Resolution to transfer $1,527.28 from the Current Expense fund into the Tort fund in the amount of $194.54 and into the Parks & Rec fund in the amount of $ 1,332.74.  Seconded by Commissioner Davis.  Unanimous.

The Board discussed the PTO Harvest Festival contribution that had been approved on October 10. After speaking to the Probation Officer the clerk was concerned that this did not fall under the guidelines.  Commissioner Ralph made a motion to rescind the $100 contribution.  Seconded by Commissioner Davis.  Unanimous.

The Board recessed at 12:50 p.m.


___________________________                              _________________________

Travis Kramer, Chairman                                              Korri Blodgett, Clerk