Planning & Zoning meeting

July 5, 2017


P & Z Members Present: Jon Botz, Jeff Kreyssig, Jerry Nelson & Jon Eaton


Absent: Dale Smith

Staff: Dwight Butlin

Guests: See sign in register



Item I Call to Order

The Planning and Zoning meeting was called to order and opened at 7:00 PM.


Item II Approval of Agenda


Jon Eaton made a motion to approve the agenda.  It was seconded by Jon Botz.  The motion was carried and the agenda was approved as presented.


Item III Reading and approval of June 6, 2017 minutes.


The minutes were reviewed and Jon Botz made a motion to approve the minutes as amended. Jeff Kreyssig 2nd the motion and the minutes were approved as amended.


Item IV Review Receive and redeliberate Item # 3 (see attached) of the recommendation to the Board of Commissioners on the Zoning Ordinance.

Jerry explained the history behind the zoning ordinance and what had occurred over the past 3 years. He explained why the public was not allowed to testify.


Dwight read the letter that was received from the Board of Commissioners and the staff report.

Jerry discussed the Comp Plan and the fact that Jerry and Jon Botz were both on the P & Z Commission when the Plan was reviewed.  He discussed that in the Economic and Transportation sections of the Plan.  Jon commented that he did not know that they needed to state the fact that they considered the Comp Plan.


Jeff Kreyssig had a question, when you guys considered the Comprehensive Plan you considered it as written right here in this book. But in July of 2014 the state of Idaho passed legislation that requires the Planning and Zoning Commissions to specifically address under section (q) Public Airport facilities within their jurisdiction which is what we are working on and trying to get done.  He stated that in numerous places in the Idaho Airport Land Use Guidelines states that the Comp Plan must be done first and the ordinance follows. Jeff feels that the adoption of the clarification to the Board is putting the cart before the horse and wanted to know if Jon felt the same. Jon felt that it was pretty solid the way it was. Dwight explained that the Comp Plan was passed before the Zoning Ordinance was adopted.  Jeff went on to address private airports.

Jerry explained that the commission was clarifying the language as the Board had requested. Dwight again explained that the Comp Plan was passed before the Zoning Ordinance. The public tried to testify and were gaveled by the chairman.


Jon Eaton made a motion that item #3 is sent back as written. Jon Botz 2nd the motion. The motion was voted on with 1 nay and 3 yeas.  The motion carried.


Item V Discuss appointment of advisory committee for Section XVII of the Comp Plan

A discussing was held on the appointment of an advisory committee for Jeff was asked to talk about the committee.  He explained that there was a lot of material to go over before we can add this to the Comp Plan. Jeff expounded on how he felt and how much work would be involved and everyone needs to do their home work.  Jeff said he would like to see a bipartisan committee.  Jerry stated that there would be one member from each commissioner district and one member from each side of Soldier road and one member from the P & Z Commission.




Adjournment   Commissioner Eaton made a motion to adjourn the meeting. It was seconded by Commissioner Jeff.  The motion carried and the meeting was closed at 8:50pm.