Planning & Zoning, Board of Commissioners Joint Meeting

January 9, 2018


P & Z Members Present: Jerry Nelson, Jon Botz & Jeff Kreyssig

Members absent: Jon Eaton


BOCC Members Present: Travis Kramer & Bill Davis

Members absent: Marshall Ralph


Staff Present: Dwight Butlin & Matt Pember (county attorney)

Guests: Bill Statham ITD Aero, Winston Ellis CC airport manager

General public: Devilan Konrad & Leigh Weidman.


Item I Call to Order

The Planning and Zoning meeting was called to order and opened at 7:00 PM.


Item II Approval of Agenda


Jon Botz made a motion to approve the agenda. The motion was seconded by Jeff Kreyssig. The motion carried and the agenda was approved.


Item III Reading and approval of December 5, 2017 minutes.


The minutes were reviewed and Jeff Kreyssig moved to approve the minutes as amended, seconded by Jon Botz. The motion carried and the minutes were approved as amended.


The Board of Commissioners opened their meeting at 7:05 PM.


Matt Pember introduced Mr. Bill Statham from the Idaho Department of Transportation Aeronautics and asked him if he would address public and private airports.  Bill addressed the legal aspect of the Comp Plan and Zoning Ordinance with respect to the requirement under Idaho Code.

He stated that the Division of Aeronautics has no authority over private airports.  That authority has been left to the local entities, city or county government.  The discussion continued and Jeff Kreyssig had several questions he asked including the requirement of a master plan for airports which Bill answered that they were not required.  Funding was discussed and Bill indicated that only public airport were eligible for public funding but in certain cases private airport could also receive public funds.

Jon Botz wanted to know the difference between a landing field and an airport. Bill stated that there were 5 categories of airport and those 5 categories may decrease.  He did not elaborate on what the categories were.  He did explain that commercial airports are determined by the number of passenger uses and that there is also a determining number for freight.  Those items can be found in the FAR regulations.

Jeff Kreyssig wanted to know what the largest complaint was about airports.  Bill responded that noise is the largest complaint followed by fumes.  The discussion continued and noise, fumes and other items were discussed.

Leigh Weidman ask about the counties liability in regard to life safety on private airports.  The county has no liability when it concerns private airports or private property.  That liability is the property owners.


Jerry Nelson asked the Board of Commissioners what they see as a priority for 2018.  The Board responded they would like to see P & Z work on the Comp Plan, Zoning Ordinance and the Subdivision Ordinance.


A brief report was given on the pathway that is to be built in the spring.  Advertisement for bid will be published starting January 22, 2018 with a bid opening in February.  The money for the pathway is from a TAP grant with the construction costs of approximately $375,000.


Building construction and permits issued in 2017 was reviewed.  It was reported that there were 8 permits issued for new homes with a value of over one million dollars.  Total construction in Camas County in 2017 was approximately $1,560,000.


The Manmade Park project was discussed and Jerry ask the Board to consider allowing P & Z to take the project of the current committee didn’t have any further interest in working on the park project.


Item VI Adjournment 


A short discussion continued and it was decided to adjourn the meeting. Jeff Kreyssig made a motion to adjourn the P & Z meeting.  It was seconded by Jon Botz; the motion carried and the P & Z meeting was adjourned at 8:53 PM.


The Board of Commissioners also adjourned their meeting at 8:55 PM.