Meeting Notes

Man-Made Park Steering Committee Meeting

Monday April 4th, 2016 at 1:00

Camas County Library

Members present:  Bill Davis, Kortnee Fleming, Jerry Nelson, and Mike Dettori

Members Absent:  Mike McFadyen

Guests:   Cathy Stone; Travis Kramer

  • Reviewed and approve notes from the February Meeting
  • Jerry and Mike reviewed their meeting with the Commissioners in March. Specifically:  The County has given us the approval to move forward with fundraising to be able to hire a professional Landscape Architectural firm to help with the overall design of the Project.  The County has set up a bank account specifically for funds collected for the Park Project and have put $500 in to the account to get the project started.  The County confirmed that money donated to the Park Project is Tax Deductible.
  • Mike reported that he has been in touch with the Architect concerning ideas for some “concept drawings” that will help tell the story once fundraising begins.
  • After much discussion concerning funding and fund raising opportunities, we agreed that a fund-raising committee working under this Steering Committee would help bring more people into the process and allow them to strictly focus on fund raising.
  • At the next meeting, with the help of the Fundraising Committee, we will begin working on the fundraising strategy and on how and when to launch it.
  • The question was asked if the County had any water rights. Bill and Jerry thought the County had some in the water bank.  There was then discussion with ideas for how to acquire and use water for the development of the project.
  • We discussed the need to have a vice Chairman position to help when Mike was unavailable. Bill Davis was elected as the Vice-Chairman.

To Do:

  • We all will work on recruiting some people to be on the Fund-raising Committee and have them attend the May meeting.
  • Mike will work with the Architect on getting the concept drawing going with the goal of having something to present to the group for our next meeting.
  • Jerry will follow up with the County on water rights they may hold.

Next meeting is May 2nd at 1:00 at the Camas County Library

Meeting adjourned at 1500.