The site consists of three (3) parcels of land with a total area of 70.55 acres.

Parcel A (the mined (gravel) out area is 35.47 acres and Parcel B is 5.89 acres).  Parcel C is the remaining 29.19 acres of which the majority has not been mined out for gravel.  That area is held in reserve at this time, for future development of the park.

Parcels A & B would be the first to be developed and may be developed as follows:

  • Learning/Interpretive Center/Historical Interpretive Site
  • Restroom and Parking Area
  • Observation Shelter
  • Fishing Pond and Swimming
  • Walking & Bike Path
  • Snowshoe & Cross Country Skiing Track
  • Bike Path
  • Community Park & Picnic Area

Parcel C may be developed in the future as follows:

  • Sled Hill
  • Athletic Fields (Soccer, Football, Softball, etc.)
  • Motocross, Snowmobile, Archery & Trap Shooting Sites
  • Community Park and Picnic Area
  • Restroom and Parking Area
  • Overnight RV and Camping Area

This 70 acres site will take several years to develop but a long range plan is necessary to keep the project moving forward. Development of the complete site will depend on the funds received from grants and other sources.

The areas will be developed in stages starting with parcels A and B, the Restroom and Parking area. The next area is the path for walking, biking, snowshoeing and skiing and so on until the complete site is developed.  As time goes by the site development may be adjusted to accommodate changes in technology and the desires of the community.

Manmade Site map