Camas County Board of Commissioners

Meeting Agenda

Camas County Courthouse Annex, Commissioners Room

September 17, 2018


1:00 PM -4:00 PM (as time permits)

*Correspondence/Committee Reports

*Board of Equalization, as needed

*Executive Session, per Idaho Code 74-206, as needed

*Discuss Timberline Trash Service

*Discuss possible ADA Assessment compliances on our court facility

**Review/Consideration Ambulance fees request waiver**

**Review/Consideration of Modification of grant/agreement with US Forest Service**

**Review/Consideration Certificate of Residency Application**

*Correspondence with Elmore County relating wind turbines & Solar


1:00 PM

**Call to Order

**Approval of the Agenda **

**Review August 20, 27 meeting minutes **


1:30 PM

**Review/Consideration Recommendation of Video Arraignment Equipment**

2:00 PM

Appeal Hearing on Indigent Case #1C-2018-100003.


2:10 PM

**Executive Session per Idaho Code 74-206(1)(a) & (b) to consider personnel matters**


2:15 PM

*Weed Supervisor Terry Lee

**Review/Consideration of Weed Spraying at Mormon Reservoir**


2:30 PM

            **Review/Consideration of the Garland Company roof assessment**

3:00 PM

**Claude Ballard and the Traffic Control Committee


3:30 PM

**Review/Consideration on Annual Financial Audit**

3:15 PM

**Set the levies for Fiscal Year 2019**


NOTE: Meetings are open to the public except for executive sessions.  However, if you are not on the agenda, you may not be recognized to speak.  If you would like to speak during the meeting, please contact the County Clerk’s office to be placed on the agenda by Thursday prior to the meeting.  Please contact the clerk’s office prior to any county meetings if there is any special assistance needed for people planning to attend. (208) 764-2242

**Refers to matters that an action is required**